Tandem paragliding is fun and easy.

With a few steps forward , securely attached to your pilot and the glider, you will experience the incredible adventure of mankind in flight. Tandem paragliding instructional flights are a great way of getting into paragliding or just experiencing the joy of freeflight. Flights last anything from 10-30mins.

No Experience Required

As a tandem paragliding passenger you do not require any previous knowledge of the paragliding at all. The pilot will brief you on take off and landing shortly before the flight. It is important that you listen to the instructions of the pilot and to have total confidence in his abilities. Take offs are easy (just a few steps usually)and landings are soft (most often we land on large grassy fields with no obstacles or dangers.

You Need

A good state of health - Good walking shoes – 1 to 3 hours of your time. Don't forget to bring Your smile with You!


Standard paragliding flight in Lithuania cost only 40 Euros! So don't miss Your chance to get airborne!


Paragliding is weather dependent so call us as soon as you know you want to fly: +37067101050